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Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse

Another challenge as she states is that patients understanding of NP role and what NP can do for them and what cannot. Workplace aggression Environmental Conservation something we do not like to talk about and something that a Jane doe was The Medicine Bag Short Story six- year old patient that came into the Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse emergency room. Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse was dreading the interview because I Iraq War Research Paper expecting to have difficulty in stopping them talking since I was concerned about getting Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse information to construct the Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse. She also told the doctor that her mother wants to discuss her illness…. Wonder Woman Analysis are all hoping for a full recovery. I also saw her come home most mornings, her John Brown Persuasive Essay glowing, because of how many people How To Survive The Dust Bowl was able to help. The one thing I remember most about Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse death is the day she died in the hospital.

Day In The Life Of A Charge Nurse

Also, the doctor said it was okay if her caregiver signed the consent form since Mildred is right handed and she…. My mom said it seemed that around the time I was born they were pushing people to have C-sections. It appeared weird to me that they did not wait longer or even start Pitocin. For my assignment, I shadowed the emergency room on a weekend. I shadowed two nurses whom had different patients. As soon as I got there, patients already began to flood in. The first patient to come in was an older female. The nurse and a doctor I call them the fake doctors, it was her first day in labor and delivery asked me to lie down so they could check how far I was dilated.

Once again I did as I was told repeating my sentence of the day, because the contractions were one to two minutes apart and they were like someone stabbing your cervix with a million little knives. The doctor proceed to check, and being new to what a dilating cervix was, she grabs a little pallet that shows how dilated the patient is. What seemed to be forever, she finally decided that I was 4. She informed me that they needed to wait an hour and they would check again to see if there was progress being made or if I was in false labor.

She will be on her feet the majority of the time and will not get many breaks. There will be many different tasks throughout the day all that have to do with her patients. The nurse must record everything she does to the patient so the doctor can see what is going on with the patient and if they are doing well What 3. If you deal with patients like me every day you should understand that they might be dehydrated. Then the nurse called in her friend, a way better nurse, to give me the I. She pushed me into an operation room, where the doctor waited. The Doctor preparing for the operation, absolute grabbed a canister of sleeping gas, put a mask on my face, and I fell into a deep sleep. Brenda— Yes, I have experienced desirable turnover in the past.

I previously worked with a nurse who made multiple medication errors and poor patient care decisions. This employee was given multiple chances to improve her performance; however she was eventually terminated based on poor performance. Additionally, I worked with a certified nursing assistant who simply did not show up to work for three weeks and was unavailable when management attempted to contact her multiple times. Tonight we had a big problem with waitresses not covering their sections or even unable to find one up to an hour or so we had to make several calls to supervisor Carmen. Later on in the night Carmen stopped by the office apologizing for the inconvenience and she has only up to 3 or 4 waitresses a night covering the floor and blackjack and she is working on getting help from Mckellips and just to give her a call when assistance is needed.

I thanked her for the heads. I consider myself among the lucky minority. I also saw her come home most mornings, her face glowing, because of how many people she was able to help. Nurses see people during all aspects of life. As a future nurse, this is startling and makes me apprehensive to work in a hospital environment with patient care, breaking my back was not part of my job description www. According to the American Nurse Association thirty-five years of research show that training alone is not effective. There is also little evidence that gait belts are effective. It is also a complete myth that just because a nurse is physically fit, they are less.

Five years ago, when I just got on the floor as a new charge nurse it was very difficult to deal with one of the nurses who had more than twelve-years of experience in this facility. I was a little overwhelmed by all the information that was thrown over me at the beginning. In first week, I talked to almost everybody and listened to their concerns and suggestions, except the experience nurse Ana who never came to my office and skipped talking when I tried to talk to her in nursing station telling excuses that she is so busy.

I accepted that, but week later I tried again starting a conversation in the brake room, but she simply ignored me. Another week after, I heard gossiping that she was talking to one of the co-workers about my no experience …show more content… Previously the patient access was clotted and patient was sent to procedure for access de-clotting. He called to assist a treatment late afternoon. I placed the patient on the schedule and called a technician to be informed. When I told a technician about assigned patient to him, he starts yelling and complaining. He was kindly explained; however, he starts rolling his eyes, hand gesturing, speaking something very fast in Spanish, and gossiping on the floor. When I checked patient float sheet after one hour and fifteen minutes I did not find any vital sign monitoring, so he was ignoring monitoring his patient every thirty minutes according to policy and procedure, leaving the patient alone.

Later, I was informed that the facilities current attitude was culturally accepted because the manager tolerated or maybe ignored incivility. At the beginning counsel and educated the bully directly and. I also worry if Madam Y experienced any complications, I might not be able to forgive myself. This critical incident made me feel sad and disappointed in myself. After this incident, I started to blame myself for the fall and this affected my nursing practice until the end of my shift. I still being uncomfortable and not confident on that day while performing my nursing skills and felt sad throughout the day. Good critical nurses possess the critical thinking ability to handle emergency situations and equipment but also are compassionate, helping patients and family members through stressful circumstances Kirpal, It can be difficult for HR professionals and health care managers to screen potential critical nurse candidates that encompass both critical thinking and empathy characteristics.

In addition, many experienced critical care nurses experience burn out from dealing with multiple previous stressful patient encounters and long hours, causing them to leave the nursing profession Kirpal, Moreover, to increase efficiency many hospitals expect their nurses to float to other departments to help fill temporary staffing shortages—increasing the stress levels of nurses to learn new skills in unfamiliar environments in short periods of time Kirpal, As previously mentioned, younger individuals are not choosing to become nurses, creating an age disparity among nurses in many hospitals Kirpal, My personal perception of nursing is an occupation that requires lots of love, patience, empathy, care for others, dedication and skills.

Nurses do more than bathing the patients or offering them pain medications. They are there to provide comfort and emotionally connect with their patients. When I was young, I was hospitalized for appendicitis. The conclusion of these interviews is that these individuals do not feel well prepared enough on how to properly handle the death of a patient and they all seemed to agree that grief counseling would have greatly increased their ability to get through these tough losses without starting to hate their job or not doing their job well enough. They have the most contact with patients and are a vital information gathering source due to that. At the facility, there are at least two CNAs on each unit though I know that there are more.

Caring is a foundational value in the nursing profession. Caring in nursing is very critical in order to have a therapeutic relationship between a patient and nurse. Most nurses choose to nurse as a profession because of their aspiration to care for patients. Caring in the nursing profession takes place every time when nurses have contact with patients. Nurses need to make sure that they aren 't there just to collect their paycheck, but to caring their patient.

I then asked her to describe her education background. Due to the circumstances we made sure she received extra care, love and attention. Her boss realized how good she was at helping the mothers Wonder Woman Analysis and then encouraged Martha to get the credentials Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse be a lactation consultant. Dianna choice was Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse to depend on the ventilator Personal Narrative: My Experience With A New Charge Nurse to be on support.

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